Product Diamond Decking Redwood and Cedar Philippine Mahogany (Shorea Group) Trex Wood polymer Lumber CCA Southern Yellow Pine

Description The ultimate grade standard, your assurance of the world's premier decking. Richly figured, fine, elegant hardwood beauty Sold in several grades. Quality and performance vary accordingly. Typical rustic softwood markings including significant knots and sapwood in most grades Consists of several different woods, none of which are botanical related to true Mahogany (Swietenia). quality and performance varies according to the species and grade Product uniformity dependent upon the manufacturing process and mix of raw materials utilized Most common of all construction woods, available in several grades, most containing knots and sapwood. Rustic in appearance, weathers poorly, often replaced due to an unacceptable appearance
Coloration Warm russet brown tones with golden highlights Varies. Light colored sapwood contrasts sharply with the darker heartwood Varies greatly from dark red to much lighter pieces Depends on the product's original hue and the effect of local exposure conditions Takes on a greenish tinge after CCA treatment, some treatments artificially add other colors
Texture Fine and even Fine and even Moderately coarse but even N/A Coarse and brittle
Grain Closed and tight Open and porous Open and porous


Open and porous
Seasons to: The classic "driftwood" silver gray Silver gray with a tendency for pieces containing extractives and knots to blacken with exposure Silver gray N/A Gray
Dimensional Stability Stable, weather resistant Of all grades, "Clear Heart Vertical Grain" is the most stable Moderate, varies by species Dependent on both temperature and moisture conditions Low stability. Shrinkage, cupping, twisting, and splitting are common
Maintenance: Low Moderate Moderate Low High
Fire Rating (NFPA Class): A B-C B-C N/A C-D
Resistance to Insects and Decay High Medium Medium High Variable-dependant on quality and acceptance of treatment
Movement in service Low Low-medium Medium Variable High
Weight in lbs (/cubic foot) 66 19-25 28 60 37
Bending strength (psi) 26,300 5,200-10,000 11,300 N/A 14,500
Modulus of Elasticity (psi) 3,310,000 940,000-1,340,000 1,630,000 100,000 1,980,000
Hardness (psi) 3,670 260-480 680 N/A 870

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