Environmental Commitment  

Diamond Hardwoods, Inc. is committed to the preservation and responsible utilization of the earth's resources. Our mills implement sound environmental practices by conforming to National Forest Law and International Tropical Timber Organization guidelines. 

We source exclusively from managed forests and support the following meaningful environmental organizations:  


IWPA- International Wood Products Association  

Promotes and enhances trade of imported wood and wood products throughout the United States. IHPA is the only organized group in the U.S. working to protect the interests of the imported wood products industry. 

CURE- (Conservation Utilization Reforestation and Education)  
This is a program of the IHPA.

This Program concentrates on issues of today and works to protect both the tropical forests and the international tropical timber trade. It ensures that commercial forestry and the forest products industry provide a positive role in conserving the future of the world's forests. 



TFF- (Tropical Forest Foundation)  

TFF's sustainable forest management brings together conservation and industry leaders in an effort to improve natural forest management by promoting the use of low impact logging (LIL) practices. Their primary focus is to demonstrate and teach sustainable forest management through Low-impact Logging.  



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