Frequently Asked Questions 


DIAMOND DECKING is a premium grade all natural hardwood, Tabebuia serritofolia, that possesses the rich appearance of teak and the durability of a lifetime low maintenance. 

How does DIAMOND DECKING weather? 

Weather has no effect on the structural integrity of DIAMOND DECKING, exposure to the sun will however transform DIAMOND DECKING from its rich brown color to a beautiful silvery patina.

What sizes and lengths does DIAMOND DECKING come in?

DIAMOND DECKING is available in most popular dimensions, stock items include: 1 X 4,    1 X 6, 5/4  X 4, 5/4 X 6, 5/4 X 8, 2 X 2, 2 X 4, 2 X 6, 2 X 8, 2 X 10, 2 X 12, 4 X 4.

Does DIAMOND DECKING come with a warranty?

DIAMOND DECKING has 25 year fully transferable limited warranty.


DIAMOND DECKING is an environmentally responsible material that naturally resists rot, checking ,cracking, splitting and decay without toxic preservatives. Additionally, the lifespan of DIAMOND DECKING is many times that of chemically preserved softwoods.

Will decay or termites damage DIAMOND DECKING?

Due to the dense cell structure of DIAMOND DECKING, it is resistant to of fungal decay, termites and insects.

What is the fire rating of DIAMOND DECKING?

The NFPA test results have proven that DIAMOND DECKING is an A1 rated building material, the highest rating possible.

How much does DIAMOND DECKING weigh?

DIAMOND DECKING averages 66 pounds per cubic foot.

Is DIAMOND DECKING priced competitively with other outdoor woods?

DIAMOND DECKING is an economical natural alternative to other woods when the entire life cycle cost is considered. Pressure treated decks tend to split, crack, twist and splinter thus requiring costly maintenance. Redwood and Cedar are rarely available in the grades necessary to withstand harsh climate and decay organisms. Additionally, due to it's shear strength the joists and subframe can be expanded thereby saving time and money.

Is DIAMOND DECKING easy to work with?

Due to its dense cell structure DIAMOND DECKING must be predrilled and fastened using stainless steel screws.

How does DIAMOND DECKING effect the rain forests?

DIAMOND DECKING is harvested under the guidelines and techniques of sustainable yield forestry management.


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